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Posted on: 03/15/19

Hemorrhoids, also referred to as piles, are those inflamed and widened veins that look like purple skin growths around the anus. This problem tends to run in family members, either because they acquire very similar personal behaviors that worsen the issue or they inherit sensitive veins.

They may also be due to allergies, constipation, heavy lifting, improper diet, lack of exercise, obesity, liver damage, prolonged sitting and pregnancy. But most often the issue is constipation.

Symptoms include anal itching, discomfort and tenderness, and occasionally bleeding. The most alarming sign of piles is bright red blood in the stool, caused by pressure during the bowel motion. The bleeding is normally minor; nevertheless, dark, tarry bloodstream could indicate a far more severe internal bleeding problem that should be brought to the interest of your physician immediately.

The simplest way to treat hemorrhoids is to prevent them from getting started. Here are some natural healing remedies, products and herbs for soothing, maintaining hemorrhoids and preventing. Here is for you a healthy bottom.

Natural Healing Remedies

Avoid constipation. Stay regular by eating about 30 grams of soluble fiber and drinking at least 48 ounces of drinking water per day. Regular workout also aids in preventing constipation.

Strive for soft and easy bowel movements. Have a stool softener. Linseed essential oil really helps to soften stools. Use a couple of tablespoons daily.

Do not grunt or hold your breath while defecating. This is just the type of strain needed to engorge and swell the veins in your rectum.

Ointments containing vitamin supplements A and D or E may be ideal for lubrication and relief of pain. Or make use of a dab of vaseline on a cotton swab, apply about ½ inch into the rectum.

Vitamin E essential oil, wheat germ oil or liquid lecithin can be put on external hemorrhoids. For painful internal hemorrhoids, pierced capsules can be utilized as suppositories, or an ounce of vitamin E essential oil or wheat germ oil can be injected into the rectum with a baby syringe.

Aloe vera gel can be an very efficient ointment for persistent discomfort and itching.

To stop anal itching and "cure" chronic hemorrhoids, stir a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water to sip with each meal. Use another cup of the same mix for external applications during the day.

To reduce irritation and help stop bleeding, wrap a tablespoon of finely chopped raw cranberries in cheesecloth, place in the painful area, replace after one hour. Or drench a cotton ball with papaya juice and apply the same way.

To lessen pain and swelling, produce a suppository from a raw potato or an unpeeled cucumber slice (coated with vitamin E oil, if desired) and insert it overnight.

Clean yourself gently. Wc paper can be scratchy, find facial tissues covered with moisturizing cream - these offer the most hemorrhoid-friendly wipes available. You can also use premoistened baby wipes or toilet tissue dampened with water.

To relieve itching, bleeding and pain, dab the afflicted area with a cotton compress soaked in witch hazel. Witchhazel shrinks external hemorrhoids. That is especially helpful after every bowel movement.


Supplement A - in the kind of beta-carotene, 25,000 IU daily to market healing.

B complex - one comprehensive tablet daily, plus 10 to 50 milligrams of B6 with each food to boost digestion and reduce pressure on the rectum.

Calcium/magnesium - helps bloodstream clotting and prevents colon cancer. Consider 1,500 milligrams daily with 750 milligrams magnesium.

Supplement C with bioflavonoid - 1,000 to 5,000 milligrams in divided daily dosages to aid healing and strengthen capillaries in the veins close to the anus.

Vitamin C promotes recovery and blood clotting. Consider 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams daily.

Vitamin E is thought to improve circulation, promote normal blood clotting and recovery, and help prevent or dissolve bloodstream clots in hemorrhoid varicosities. Take 400 to 800 IU daily.

Vitamin K is wonderful for bleeding hemorrhoids. Food sources are all dark green leafy vegetables, kale and alfalfa.


Bilberry - studies have demonstrated this herb to reinforce vein walls and boosts circulation. Take 100 milligrams of standard extract 3 x a day.

Blackberries - this herb's astringent nature may help explain its traditional use as a hemorrhoid treatment. Soak a clean cloth in a tincture or solid infusion and apply it externally.

Flaxseed essential oil, rose hips, slippery elm or white oak bark teas could be sipped every 4 hours, applied externally or injected into the rectum - 2 tablespoons at a time with a baby syringe.

Goldenseal, gotu kola or yarrow teas can be used as external poultices to lessen swelling and alleviate discomfort.

Horse chestnut - studies have focused on this herb's effectiveness in relieving varicose witch hazel hemorrhoids leg veins. The natural herbs vein strengthening actions was first described as cure for hemorrhoids. Women that are pregnant should not take this herb.

Hyssop - includes a compound that assists strengthen veins.

Mullein - this herb contains astringent tannins, which are widely used to treat hemorrhoids. It provides anti-inflammatory properties aswell. Its mucilage properties soothes piles.

Psyllium - softens stool and will bring relief from the bleeding and pain.

Stoneroot (Collinsonia Canadensis) - thought to strengthen hemorrhoidal veins when two capsules are taken between foods twice daily during acute episodes. Once a time for maintenance.

I have a yeast infection and pregnant. I want to know if there is a way to get rid of it without taking medication or medicated creams. Any good suggestions for WAYS TO GET Rid Of AN INFECTION FROM YEAST Naturally While Pregnant will end up being very helpful

That is a question that was asked to us by this lady who's pregnant and has a yeast infection. I will try to answer this issue here; providing some few tips and tricks on how to take care of yeast infection while pregnant. I will also provide links to some webpages where you can get advance help with your yeast infection problem.

You don't want to mess around with an infection from yeast while pregnant. A pal of mine didn't deal with hers and the infection crossed her mucus plug, infected her amniotic liquid and she went into early labor and acquired her baby at 6 1/2 weeks. Please treat it properly; you don't want to risk early labor.

Plain yogurt: Zero flavors, Betadine swabs, Cranberry juice to flush your system. Plain yogurt and betadine swabs work, I have individually used them. I can't vouch for cranberry juice as I've never tried it.

Do not use skin medications unless your OB/GYN recommends it. You can contact your Doctor and ask if AZO for yeast infections is safe. Yeast-based infections are very common in pregnant women. I would recommend calling your doctor initial, and if you can't get anywhere that method, try the yogurt.

Like a lot of people points out, some Dr's recommend inserting a little amount of the live lifestyle yogurt into your vagina. Yes it noises gross, but it should work. I wouldn't recommend using a tampon though. When you have an old medicine dropper you could utilize that, or the applicator of a yeast infection cream.

Apply yogurt (normal, without flavor!) many times a time and/or put in a clove of garlic (peeled) (one clove per day for some days). I know it noises strange, but yogurt re-balances the flora and garlic has a solid antibacterial power. (You might want to put a thread through the clove before inserting it to obtain it out easily).

As said already, garlic works just good. Noises gross but many people utilize it to get rid of many different kinds of yeast infection, ear infections aswell. Just make use of a clove just like a vaginal suppository. Garlic provides organic antibiotic quantities, however if you are allergic to penicillin don't use since it brings on a rash or itchiness just like penicillin.

Eat a lot of foods with active cultures in them (yogurt, the "liv active" brand foods. The organic cultures help battle yeast as well. Also cut out refined foods (white sugars and white flours) as those feed yeast and lead it to grow much faster.

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